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At Cats Eye Detective Agency, we understand the gravity of legal battles and the pivotal role evidence plays in securing justice. Our team of seasoned investigators is dedicated to providing comprehensive Court Case Investigation Services, ensuring a meticulous examination of facts to empower our clients with the strongest possible case.

Our Court Case Investigation Services

Evidence Collection

This involves the systematic gathering and documentation of relevant evidence crucial to your case. Our investigators employ a range of techniques, from traditional methods to cutting-edge technology, ensuring a comprehensive and well-documented collection process. The goal is to provide our clients with tangible and admissible evidence that strengthens their legal position.


Surveillance is a critical component to uncover hidden information and patterns that may be pivotal in legal proceedings. Our team conducts discreet surveillance to monitor the activities of individuals relevant to the case. This may involve physical surveillance, as well as the use of advanced technology for remote monitoring.

Background Checks

Thorough investigations into the backgrounds of individuals involved in the case. This includes checking for criminal records, financial history, past legal involvements, and any other relevant information.Background checks help in understanding the character and motivations of the parties involved, contributing to a more informed legal strategy.

Witness Interviews

As the top detective agency in Kolkata, we prioritize witness interviews for factual clarity. Our investigators are highly skilled in employing effective questioning techniques to authenticate and validate witness testimonies, ensuring the integrity of the investigation process.

Forensic Analysis

Leveraging forensic tools and techniques to analyze evidence scientifically is very important. This may involve digital forensics for electronic evidence or more traditional forensic methods for physical evidence. Our forensic analysis enhances the credibility of collected evidence and is essential for its admissibility in court.

Legal Support

Collaborating closely with legal professionals to ensure that the collected evidence meets legal standards is crucial. Our team works in tandem with legal representatives to align the investigation process with the requirements of legal proceedings.The aim is to provide seamless support to legal teams, making the integration of investigative findings into the legal case smooth and effective.

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Our Process of Conducting Court Case Investigation

Case Assessment

Detailed analysis of the case to determine investigation strategies.


Developing a customized investigation plan tailored to the unique requirements of the case.


Implementing the plan with precision and discretion.


Providing comprehensive reports with clear findings and evidence.


Constant collaboration with clients and legal representatives for effective case management.

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A team of seasoned investigators with a proven track record.


Upholding the highest standards of confidentiality and discretion.


Utilizing cutting-edge technology for efficient and accurate investigations.


Adhering to strict timelines to meet the demands of legal proceedings.


Focused on delivering results that make a difference in legal outcomes.

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